About us


Our history

isinwheel ( X Future Inc.) was founded in 2022. The market is mainly in USA Germany, UK, France, Spain, Italy, and other countries.
We are here with you in this Wonderful life. Whether it's your first time trying a super cool electric scooter and electric scooter or it's to have fun with your kids. isinwheel accompanies you in every moment of growth.
We offer you convenient trips. Whether on the daily commute or in the trips weekend. isinwheel you offers a product safe, stable and reliable.

Our mission

Safety is our main requirement. We take the safety of every customer seriously. If the product presents potential safety risks, we will not sell it. isinwheel only allows the sale of electric scooters that have been tested and approved by a professional technical team.

We have our own factory to ensure that you get the best quality products at the most favorable price possible. As many electric scooters are unsuitable for the British climate, we have created our own high quality, durable and waterproof electric scooters.

We've tried the subway and buses, e-bikes and bike-shares, and even taxis. We would sit on the crowded subway or bus and miss important meetings. We were riding electric bikes or shared bikes, sweating profusely, clothes in disarray. We spent a lot of money to take a taxi, but we got stuck on the city streets during rush hour. The scooter saves all the time and all the fresh air, and plays an important role in the daily life of office workers. His full power gives us a sense of security. It is light and easy to fold and store.

why isinwheel?
1. We are experts. Our goal is to bring you the best series of electric scooters on the market, while also providing you with excellent information and interesting opinions on those products.
2. Right price promise, we offer you the best prices; As a manufacturer, we provide big discounts, which can get the lowest prices from us.
3. We provide exceptional service - our specialized customer service team in Spain. It is here to help you choose the electric scooter that is right for you.
4. We are defenders of a change pro legislative - We fight for electric scooters to be legalized on the roads and we press to improve the bike lane networks throughout Spain.
5. We are environmentally conscious - as a company, we are committed to doing our best to be environmentally responsible and sustainable.